I am so happy to have you here :)
I am so happy to have you here :)
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What's In a Name

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I have been asked about the "names" used for my pieces.  I know that most of the time you will see painters name their pieces based on the subject matter, mood of the art, color of the art, etc.  Or any number of different factors.  I was very drawn to "naming" my pieces.  

Names.  I have a love of names.  My very own name, Jo Deborah, is pretty unique.  I only know of one other Jo Deborah, the one that my mother got the idea from. I have been called Jo D. (pronounced Jo-dee) most of my life. ALWAYS having to explain this.  My father, one of seven, grew up in a family with a lot of nicknames. I grew up in a family with a lot of nicknames...   I mean a lot.  My siblings and I rarely called each other by anything resembling our given names.  As a wife and mother, I rarely use my husband's or my kids' names.  Our poor son had so many names growing up it is amazing he even knew his name at school.  I have come to think of our dogs as very smart pups because they know all of our names for them.  No, really, they are probably the world's smartest pups ;).  I make a big point of using people's names when talking with them.  If I have just met you or have known you your whole life, I will use your name.  I think it means something to use names. I am SUPER guilty of using terms of affection.  I pretty much call anyone younger than me "sweetie".  I'm sure this is very cringeworthy for most people, I am cringing writing this.  

I just really love names, nicknames, terms of affection, all of them. So, when creating these pieces of art... I had to give them names.  As a painter, you become attached to the art.  It is a relationship.  They take on a personality to me.  So, I always feel like they need names..... it has become an integral part of the relationship for me. 

Names are important to me, this art is important to me. I hope it will become important to you too!!

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