I am so happy to have you here :)
I am so happy to have you here :)
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‘tis the season….


As I have shifted from the month of gratefulness to the month of giving, I have been thinking about how intertwined they are.  Really, doesn’t our gratefulness prime us for our desire to give?  It had never occurred to me before how symbiotic these two can be.  Many of us spend the month of November thinking about, commenting on, journaling about it.  How we are so grateful for our loved ones, our homes, our full bellies, our caffeine fix, the list goes on.  We leave November and head into December feeling so good, so positive.  This leads us into the “season of giving”.  All the positive endorphins of all that positivity from November puts us right in the mood to give gifts.  Gifts to our loved ones, our pets, our neighbors, the stranger in line behind us getting their caffeine fix.  It is fascinating how these months and their vibe complement each other.

I know I sound so cliché when I say that I hope these vibes could carry on, travel throughout the year.  But, if ever there was a time for that to happen, it is now, right?  I have been pushing the “silver linings” of the quarantine life, things that have come about during this pandemic.  I am sure you have heard me say a few…. Let’s make another one.  It is a fervent wish of mine, my Christmas wish, that we could all strive to have the November/December vibes throughout the year.  I know that I, for one, will be striving for this.  Let’s put this unprecedented year behind us and move on to the bigger and better.

I am very certain that without the pandemic and quarantine, I would not have really dialed in to my desire to put this creative part of me to the forefront and started my small business.  This has been such a blessing to me.  I have met amazing people.  I have enriched my life in ways that go beyond words.  I have created this downloadable PDF of holiday gift tags I painted. Just print and cut!  This is just a very small gift from me to you for being a part of the journey of my little business Creating Jo Deb. 

Merriest Christmas Wishes to you and a VERY Happy New Year!



Jo Deb    

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    Love love love them and you!

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