I am so happy to have you here :)
I am so happy to have you here :)
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In our digital age, have we lost our penmanship?  I don’t mean only the legibility of our handwriting.  I also mean the actual act of using our handwriting.  We have moved to an era where it is not as common to receive or send an actual handwritten note.  This is a bit sad; don’t you think?  Are they even teaching cursive writing in school these days?  I know my youngest (adult) child certainly never mastered this.  Think of what a loss this is.  I have often wondered about the generation of our children having less communication skills because of the amount of their human interactions are digital.  But really, what about all of us?  The actual written word conveys intention and effort at connection.  The feel of the paper.  If the note is mailed, there is joy to see that intention and connection waiting at the mailbox. 

I have a dear friend who still embraces this crafting of notes.  I often receive thoughtful cards from her in the mail.  I will tell you; it never ceases to bring me happiness to receive those cards.  I have one dated 11/2/2016 that is proudly displayed on a side table in my living room because I love it so much.  I have a box filled with notes and cards given to me by my husband, who still uses this form of giving me a bit of love.  I cherish them. One of the stories that is part of the fabric of “us” involves his writing to me.  Some of you might have heard it…. once or twice.  BUT, for those who have not, it is one of my favorites to tell.  When we were dating, and even before and were simply good friends, my husband would send me cards.  They were greeting cards and he would write a little note that was always PERFECT.  I would be amazed at how well this man, who, like many men, struggled when conversations turned to emotions, could then send me a card with a few lines written that were so meaningful.  Fast forward to us moving him out of his bachelor pad and into our soon-to-be first home as a married couple.  I find a legal pad, you know, the yellow lined ones?  This pad of paper had all the notes he had ever written to me, with the scratch outs and changes he made until he got his words perfect.  I still have this legal pad too.  His intentions are so clearly emotional.  His written word so valuable.

Now, I must admit that I am not as prolific as my husband and my dear friend.  I tend to lean towards the spoken word…...in excess.  So much spoken word.  Yes, I have been known to be a bit chatty and I certainly tell you how I feel.  Probably more than I should -TMI if you will. 😊 

Penmanship is defined as “the art or skill of writing by hand”.  I truly hope that this art is not a lost one.  The personal connection that goes with penmanship is needed.  Especially now.  We all need more human interaction.  A written note is so special and will be treasured by its recipient.  I, for one, am taking more care to share my words of love and friendship through my penmanship.  You might just find a note from me in YOUR mailbox!

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