I am so happy to have you here :)
I am so happy to have you here :)
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To Be Grateful

Here we are again at that season of thankfulness and giving…my favorite!! Of course, if you know me, that is no surprise to you. If you are new here, welcome! And, I tend to be a person who lives in gratefulness, I actually bask in it a bit (see blog post titled Here She Comes, 10/15/20 to see the background to my 24/7 gratefulness).  But…. this time of year, the world tends to jump in and enjoy to endorphins of the vibes of the season.  I know that the last year + a year has been so difficult for too many.  It is undeniable the stress that we have all been under to navigate these crazy times.  Some of you way more than others.  I feel it.  I know it.  Oh, how I wish I could wave a magic wand and help every soul feel better.

I do have ways to help.  No magic wand, but maybe a little bit of balm to soothe.  These are things that I do.  Listen to music that makes you feel good.  Dance and sing along to that music.  Take a walk, preferably somewhere that has something cool to look at, nature or manmade.  Breath the fresh air, turn toward the sun and feel it. (Vitamin D is important!)  Listen to the chirping of the birds, just the birds (it’s magical!).  Take a bubble bath.  Light a candle and rejoice in the energy of the flame. Meditate.  I know some may think of meditation as “kooky”, but I PROMISE you, if you give it a chance, it will make you feel better.  A few apps are Calm, Headspace, and Sattva.  They can be found in your App Store.  Look at your pet if you have one.  Just looking at a pet can be soothing.  Smile at a stranger- yes, you give out the smile, and you feel the benefit.  Try it- another promise, it will work.

So, while I do live my life gratefully…as you can see from my list above, sometimes I use a little help to stay there.  I will also encourage you make something.  Whatever that means to you.  Actually cook that new recipe you saw in a blog or on TikTok.  Write a note to yourself, or even better, to a friend you have been missing.  Color in your child’s coloring book (this one feels SOOOOO good).  Draw.  Paint.  Knit. Sew.  Another promise (jeez, I am full of it, aren’t I?). Making something will make you feel good.

There really are things out there to be happy about.  I hope you can see them. And, if you aren’t seeing them, I hope this little note of my suggestions can help you find your way back to seeing them.  Do you have things that you do to help see the good?  I would LOVE to hear from you.  Send me a note! (see above!)



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